“Deva Mitra is a gifted healer with a genuine talent for assessing imbalances within the body and spirit using his knowledge of Chinese medicine and his personal intuitive guidance. He is compassionate, caring, and truly dedicated to this ancient wisdom. I felt an immense emotional release after my first session, and I am continually impressed by his insight and intuitive abilities.”

- Locy, Canada

"Words can not even begin to describe how amazing the retreat was and how awesome I feel.  I am at "awe" with everything in the world.  My heart is at peace, I love myself more and EVERYONE has said how different I look and sound.  I can't thank Mitra enough!  PLEASE keep providing your work and services to the world, you help make people's lives so beautiful and loving.  The whole week was INCREDIBLE I can't even say what my favorite thing was but I am so blessed to have been part of the energy and group.

At the very end Mitra said to me 'Kayla, don't wait for anyone'.  I was stunned when he said it but it was so true.  Those words still ring true to my heart and I WON'T, but I needed to hear those words from him, so THANK YOU!  I felt a shift the Th/Friday, my heart opened up and I literally felt like I was in a daze and still am.....and I can feel my life direction taking a new shift as well, the fire element is on its way.  :-)"

- Kayla, U.S.

"Good morning my gentle friend.

First and foremost thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for an incredible life changing experience.  Your insights and gentleness are what I want in my life for the rest of it! You are such a blessing and inspiration.

I am so excited!  I just checked my blood pressure before I took any medication this morning.  It's 107/77 with 70 heart rate - like a young stud... LOL. I don't think I have seen it that low in many many years...  whatever we did, worked! Thank you again."

- Moshe, U.S.

"רק רציתי שתדע שהלב שלי מלא בהודייה למפגש איתך... מלא רגשות משומשים ישנים השתחררו מחיי בזכות המפגש ביננו ומלא התחדשות כל פעם אני מגלה עוד חלק חדש טוב יותר נקי יותר משוחררת יותר ... תודה אבא שבשמיים שזכיתי לפגוש אותך ולעבור לידך ואיתך ובזכותך תהליך של אהבה  וטיהור."

- meira malihi