From Fear to Love


Bringing Growth and Expansion

For the person who needs to forgive, to reconnect with their true guidance system from within, and shed the fear that has kept them resistant to who they really are. Learn more

Emotional Release


Finding Harmony

A deeper and non frightening way to release old, stagnant, and often suppressed emotions in order to flow freely and move forward in your life. Learn more



The Path Of Healing

Combining the Yogic Path with Chinese Medicine to renew the essential flow of life force in the body, while focusing on different areas of the body; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual attributes. A juice cleanse is also available in combination with this workshop. Learn more



The Unique Self

This workshop will guide us into revealing our truth, giving expression to our inner dance and expressing our authentic self in a society that teaches us to all follow one rhythm. Learn more



Universal Life Energy

Mitra is sharing Reiki workshops that join tools from the world of meditation, Chinese Medicine, yoga, and different types of therapy work. It is not only that one learns a healing tool, but these workshops open doors for personal transformation. Learn more

The Essence of Fire & Water Elements

In this workshop we will cover the essence of understanding the Fire and Water elements and how they have been used as keys for personal development, better understanding ourselves, and better understanding the nature that surrounds us. Learn more